Process Picture #2

The creative women in my family have provided me with much inspiration.

From my great-grandmother, Julia, who created white oak baskets…

and my grannie, Nanny Mae, and Aunt B
who created their masterpieces with a needle and thread…

and my mom, Phillis, who is a decorative painter…

to my daughter, Haleigh, who is a textile and apparel designer…

it is with their inspiration, I call my pottery “vessels of mountain heritage”.

This heritage is in every vessel.



I also find inspiration in nature and in the garden, which explains my glaze finishes.

The maple leaf pattern is created by pressing a leaf into the soft clay.
During the firing process the leaf burns off and the impression is left behind.
After this first firing, or bisc fire, glaze is applied and the vessel is fired a second time.
Each vessel is finished with its own leaf impression, organic look, and feel.

The sunflower pattern is created by implementing my own created stamp from a real sunflower seed head.
I use this stamp to create the seed texture in the sunflower’s center.
Each flower is then hand painted with a sunny yellow glaze.

These vessels of mountain heritage are a constant reminder to count my blessings.
The raw clay is shaped on the wheel and the accents are sculpted.
After firing, the glazes are applied to reflect the colors of the earth.
I see how the vessel changes as the form is refined in my kiln.
This process is like my own life being continuously shaped and formed by the Master Potter’s hands.
Looking back at each vessel and my life, I see how far we have come.